It’s hard to believe Dallas based singer-songwriter Elyse Jewel is only 16 as she’s already won Pop Song of 2019 in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her debut single “Thinking About You” and shared the stage with legends such as Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth. Now, Elyse is back with the release of her breathtaking new pop anthem, “Arms,” highlighting her pristine soprano which is reminiscent of pop powerhouses Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey. In addition to music, she is an actress and has performed in numerous musical theater productions, commercials and “Murder Made Me Famous”.


Elyse Jewel has had a love for music since a young age and remembers jumping on her bed and singing to Taylor Swift. “I would put on concerts for my parents and make little tickets for them to watch me. Throughout elementary school I begged my mom to put me in music lessons, and when I was eight, I started. Ever since then, I’ve been working really hard on writing and pursuing a music career. Music has always been in my family and it’s something that I am just so passionate about.” 


Elyse initially wrote her new single about missing her love interest and wanting to be in his arms, however, the song has now taken on a new meaning for her throughout the Covid pandemic. She says, “Arms is about not being able to see the person you love and wanting more than anything to just hold them. With Covid-19 and the quarantine, not being able to see family or friends in person and give them a hug is really hard on all of us. I hope that my song can encourage someone who hears it to know that they’re not alone in these feelings and that better times are ahead.


It’s very apparent that Elyse has a strong, personal connection with her fans and that it is important to her that she can inspire others and create a safe space through her music and platform. Despite the fact that she has performed at the House of Blues and has collaborated with Grammy award-winning songwriters and producers, Elyse still maintains, “My number one success has definitely been the way I have been able to use my voice to speak on important subjects such as equality and mental health awareness. I struggle with anxiety, but songwriting has been a great outlet for me to grow as a person and work through my emotions. It's amazing to be able to connect with different people all around the world and be a positive example for young women and girls.”


Elyse Jewel is truly a rare gem of an artist and a person, just as her name suggests. We can’t wait to watch her follow in the footsteps of strong female role models such as her idol Taylor Swift and continue to glisten, while using her platform for good.

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